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02 Feb 2024

Welcome Ormeau Credit Union

On Thursday 5th March 2021 Cholm Cille Credit Union in Inverin, Co. Galway went Live using Progress Banking. They also went Live with a brand new website and will be getting a new mobile App and full Digital capabilities in the weeks after they go live.

Our Approach

Progress’s approach to the Credit Union market has always been to build a System and Service that is in tune with the needs of our Credit Union customers. The Progress User Group, CUDS (Credit Union Development Society) is key to our business and we meet with the CUDS executive every two months to discuss product development, new requirements, new users and analysis of the two months support service.

With CUDS, we have successfully completed a number of independent certifications such as:

  • Grant Thornton Review of Progress Banking
  • FMB Accountants - Financial Audit of Progress Systems
  • Grant Thornton Review of Progress Internal Calculations and Regulatory Return
  • Espion’s Independent Penetration and Vulnerabilities Testing of Progress Internet Banking

These independent audits have been requested by our User Group and have been fully supported by Progress. We will continue to work with CUDS to build the most functional and most compliant System available in the market today.

One of Progress’s key development paths is Digital Transformation and Mobile Accessibility and since 2015, Progress have release some very exciting new Mobile Accessibility technology which will help our customers to grow their business efficiently. Most notably in 2019 we launched End to End Digital Lending, including Integrated Dynamic Online Loan Application, Integrated Remote Digital Signatures and Integrated Secure Document upload. And in 2020 we launched Integrated Biometric Digital Member Onboarding.

Another key element of Progress is to continue to improve our Support Service and since 2015, we doubled our staff numbers with most of these new hires in support roles.

With our user base increasing, the range of services to our users widening and the regulatory requirements of the System changing, we will continue to add new staff members and continue with our in-house training schedule for all Progress personnel.

Our Team

Total Staff: 63 employees

Progress is dedicated to Credit Unions and this reflected in our current staff structure:

22 34.9%

Support & Training

9 14.3%

Compliance & Security

14 22.2%

Application Development

4 6.3%


12 19.0%

Mobile Development

2 3.2%